About me

Hi. I am Sandra. Welcome to The Travelling Brunette !

This is my little journal, giving me the chance to share with you my passion about travelling and writing.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been deeply curious about everything and especially about discovering other places. My childhood was largely spent between the Belgian countryside, where I grow up and the beautiful Italian island, Sardinia, where a big part of my family is living. I have always been very proud of my origin. Belgium and Italy are incredible countries with kind people and beautiful places to explore.

My parents were used to take me for long walks across Belgian’s landscapes and Sardinian’s mountains and beaches. Travel was constantly on my mind. I was the kind of kid who was always happy on the road. After 20 years full of adventure and travel with my parents, I decided that it was time to discover other places and countries by myself.

I already had the opportunity to visit a lot of countries as Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Poland, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Senegal, USA,… This blog is my way to share with you the photographs of all these adventures and incredible moments.

I am not a professional photographer and writer, but I hope it will please you. Don’t hesitate to let comments or messages.

Of course my journey is not finished yet and I have plenty other trips and stories which are waiting for me…