Sunny Days at the North Coast

When you heard about Belgium, you probably think about Brussels, Bruges, french fries, beers and waffles. But Belgium is not just that. If you have the chance in the future to spend a few days or more in this small and beautiful country, be sure to pass by the north coast.

What is the best about Belgium, it is that it is so small that you can easily visit all the most beautiful places in a few days. Sure, the weather is not as hot as it is in the south of Europe, the water is not as blue as the Mediterranean Sea and  you will not find palm trees, but it doesn’t matter because the North Sea is beautiful, charming and fun.

Walk along the sea, bicycle ride under the sun through the small and picturesque villages, best seafood tasting, shells hunting, sailboat riding,… and so much more things to do. Let me take you for a little visit…  

All the pictures were taken in Nieuwpoort.

Nieuwpoort is well known for the sea food. Please don’t leave without at least trying mussels in one of the many restaurants along the dike. If the wind is not too strong  you will even be able to eat outsides just in front of the beach and the sea. A real delight !


IMG_1457    IMG_1476

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  1. 08/04/2016 / 18 h 03 min

    Oh my goodness, I hope I have the great fortune of visiting there sometime. Your photos make me miss coastal living.

  2. 08/04/2016 / 21 h 04 min

    I must confess that all I knew about Belgium was Brussels & Bruges, so thanks for the info. Btw, “Sunny Days” is a David Coverdale song!

  3. 08/04/2016 / 21 h 32 min

    Wow what a beautiful trip you had! It is a great destination for those who love sea food and marine life!

  4. 08/04/2016 / 22 h 00 min

    Your photo style is great! I love the stark colors. A cloudy, but beautiful beach day. I’ll be dreaming of Belgium tonight 🙂

  5. 08/04/2016 / 23 h 29 min

    These pictures are so pretty. I think it would be so cool do explore the north coast of Belgium.

  6. Elizabeth O.
    08/05/2016 / 8 h 38 min

    I love places like Belgium because you can easily get around! There are so many sights to see, the place is just majestic and stunning! I wouldn’t mind spending a day just sitting by the beach and eating some ice cream or gelato.

  7. 08/05/2016 / 15 h 17 min

    Very beautiful photos! Love the sea side during summer 🙂

  8. 08/06/2016 / 4 h 21 min

    Wow what an Incredible images, when I think of Brussels first that comes to mind is beer and fries haha I never been to Brussels before but i’ll definitely travel there when it safe to travel Brussels and France

  9. 08/06/2016 / 6 h 05 min

    Oh my gosh your pictures are absolutely amazing! I’ll be living overseas in Spain next year and will have to be sure to visit this part of Belgium!


  10. 08/07/2016 / 8 h 07 min

    Wow! Beautiful photos! I love seafood! Thanks for posting! Great work!

  11. Borka
    08/07/2016 / 22 h 39 min

    Would love to try mussels. You made really great photographies. Which camera have you used?

  12. 08/08/2016 / 16 h 29 min

    That place is a beautiful summer getaway. I haven’t been in Europe but that’s on my bucket list.

  13. 08/08/2016 / 16 h 43 min

    It looks amazing! Belgium is an amazing city, I highly recommend it too. Luckily I have to attend to a wedding there in 2 weeks!

  14. 08/14/2016 / 18 h 20 min

    thanks for your post, I am going to copy those same words andadd them to my halwlay for my husband and I to read and perhaps my9 year old as well. Thank you and may we all have the best year to be!

  15. 08/20/2016 / 17 h 06 min

    Wow I love your photos and your blog ! I have been o Belgium and as you said to Bruges and Bruxelles, but this place looks incredible ?

  16. 09/10/2016 / 16 h 09 min

    Really informative post.Thanks Again. Really Great. Rolla

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